Himalayan Shilajit

Difference Between Various Himalayan Shilajit Forms 

We bet you’ve had your fair share of contemplation on what’s the best form of shilajit for human consumption. We get it. Every time the answer might be different based on who you ask. Instead of reaching a conclusion, the difference in opinion creates further confusion. So, it’s essential to know about various types and forms of shilajit beyond just Himalayan Shilajit.

In this guide, we’re going to discuss how Shilajit is influenced geographically and culturally. So, give a thorough and careful read to this guide. Let’s dive right in.

Now, let’s look at the geographical classifications that bring differences in the types of Shilajit.  


Shilajit is usually sourced from the mountains situated at high altitudes. It’s found inside caves, cracks, and crevices. Based on the region you plan it source it from, huge differences will arise in purification methods, tracing the mineral composition, the substance’s formation, and its classification. Despite the superficial differences, their properties are quite similar in terms of infusing nutrients into your cells and ensuring overall wellness. 

Altai Shilajit, Mumiyo

Sourced all the way from the West Siberian Plain to the Gobi Desert, i.e., Altai Mountains. As compared to Himalayan Shilajit, Altai Shilajit is considered to be slightly B grade as it’s collected from a little lower altitude. Therefore, it’s a little less potent. However, it still falls under the umbrella of one of the best forms of Shilajit. 

Himalayan Shilajit

The pure Himalayan Shilajit is sourced from the Himalayan mountains between 16000 to 19000 ft. It’s strongly rooted in Hindu mythology and ancient Ayurveda. Its use can be traced back to 5000 years, and it’s noted in various Indian, Hindu, and Vedic texts. Till date, the use of Himalayan shilajit is popular in Indian medical practices. 

Other Regions

Interestingly., you can extract Shilajit from any mountain across the world, given that it’s very high. Reports suggest that other types of shilajit originate from China, Japan, Australia, South Africa/Lesotho, Europe, Afghanistan, and other South American countries such as Venezuela and Chile through the Andes Mountains. 


Post-processing the raw Himalayan shilajit, the end product could be molded into any form, such as liquid, resin, tablets, powder, or capsules. It’s based on the extent of moisture that was removed during processing. 


Shilajit resin is commonly used as a soluble substance. It’s consumed by dissolving it into warm beverages or simple water. If stored correctly, it lasts for a very long time. 


Liquid shilajit is usually consumed as it is or infused into hot or cold drinks. It’s the freshest Shilajit form you can get your hands on. It’s because, after basic extraction & filtration, only a little evaporation is used to achieve this form. All the natural minerals, enzymes, and vital plant nutrients are still present. 


Solid shilajit can also be dissolved in warm beverages or water. However, some people stick it under their tongue and enjoy it. It’s the classic form used in Ayurvedic culture. Being a stable form, it flaunts the highest mineral concentration. 


If you want to buy Himalayan shilajit powder, know that it’s available in numerous shades of black, brown, or amber. This form has undergone an additional stage, such as freeze drying to convert into powder form. Unfortunately, it’s very rare to get the genuine powder form as 95% of the time it’s either poorly made or a counterfeit sample. So, be careful. 


The tablets are essentially derived from Shilajit powder. It doesn’t need any measurement as the dosage is pre-worked. The best part about this form is the fact that it’s mess-free and can be immediately consumed within no time. 


Like tablets, the capsules also contain powdered Shilajit, but it’s inside the capsule.Again, while buying this type of shilajit, you have to be very careful. You never know whether the supplier has mixed filler agents or binders with the powder or not. 


We hope the blog helped you get a deeper insight into the concept of different forms of Shilajit. If we go by popular opinion, liquid Shilajit is the best and purest form available with minimum refinement. However, based on unique requirements, the other forms might as well outweigh the liquid form in certain circumstances. Conduct an in-depth research before you spend your money.