Manhattan office interior design

How COVID-19 shaped Manhattan office interior design trends

Manhattan is one of the busiest places in the country. It is where plenty of people live and even more people come here for a visit. A lot of people actually move to Manhattan in order to be able to progress in their career as this is a place where the opportunities are endless. The people who live and work in Manhattan already know just how important having a good office interior design is. Without a good interior, a good location won’t help you much in today’s world. People want to work in nice, modern offices and not some old-fashioned ones. Especially now after Covid-19. Believe it or not, COVID-19 shaped the Manhattan office interior design trends that we now have.

This is because people have been working from the comfort of their home and now going back into the offices is harder than it might seem. This is why companies had to step up their game and make their offices look nice and have everything the employees might need and more. Here is where you can read about some currently modern Manhattan office interior design trends and just how you can use them to make your office better for both your employees and customers or partners.

The size of the office now matters more than ever

It is very important to start with the fact that now the size of the office plays a very big role. Too small of an office is never a good idea, Covid or no Covid. There are just so many cons of having an office space that is just not big enough. You won’t have enough storage space, it will feel crowded all the time and it will be a much harder task to maintain this office clean and tidy. This just makes the office look not so nice even if the interior is good. This is why you have to find the perfect office space.

This is why plenty of companies decided to expand and to move into bigger office spaces. Luckily there are ways to make the whole process a breeze so that you don’t have to stress too much about it. You can hire movers for assistance with this sort of relocation. And as you are moving your office to Manhattan, there will be plenty of moving companies to choose from.

Have in mind that this form of expansion has to happen after your business has already grown enough for you to be able to cover all these expenses. A bigger office means the bill expenses will be bigger as well. You also need a stable company with a stable income because these contracts are signed for not less than a year.

This means that you need to have enough money every month for a year or sometimes even more to cover the rent, bills, and to pay your employees, as well as cover any other expenses such as the interior design of your office. You will surely have to hire an office interior design company for this task no matter how big or small your office is. 

How COVID-19 shaped Manhattan office interior design trends?

Not only is it now very important for the office space to have enough room for everybody because of the restrictions but some interior design trends have been set with Covid-19 as well. The desks need to be far apart from each other. This was introduced so that the safety measures of social distancing are followed. But companies have noticed that their employees work much better when they don’t have too many distractions from the colleagues that are around them. This, of course, goes for companies where teamwork is not as important and where people just sit and do their job.

As Manhattan is usually where big companies with plenty of employees are, this can be a hard task. This is why some companies use glass or plastic panels to separate the desks from each other. Even though wearing a mask is necessary, these panels are important as they provide extra protection. This is very important to have if you have a walk-in office where customers come in on a daily basis. This will also make them feel safer which is a big plus. Manhattan Movers NYC can help you relocate anything from your current office to a new one.

The office isn’t only a place to work in

After people have been mostly working from home for over a year, the office became much more than just a place to work. Now the office is seen as an opportunity to hang out with your colleagues. The office is a place to get closer to each other so that the team works better as a whole. Since people have been working from home, they have adjusted to certain pros of working from home. Things such as being able to take a nap during your break, have a walk, cook dinner, etc. These are all things we do to just get our mind away from thinking about work the whole day.

This is why including something that can be used for fun is what we recommend doing. Include a billiard table for example. You can also make a reading nook where your employees could get some peace and quiet. There should be a nice kitchen in the office as well. This is just so your employees can make themselves something for lunch or just heat up what they brought in from home.