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Top 10 House Cleaning Hacks – Save On Cleaning

Cleaning a house is an important but thankless job. It is very time consuming as well and according to the report submitted in, an average American spends more than 6 hours per week on cleaning their homes and 1/3rd of them don’t know whether they are cleaning their house in the right way or not. 

Whether you are deep cleaning your house or do light cleaning more frequently, we have to make sure that our place is free from germs, dirt and allergies thus keeping our families safer and healthy. 

There are lots of ways by which you can save time and still deep clean your house. In this blog, I will share top 10 cleaning hacks which help you in deep cleaning your home efficiently. 

Let’s Jump in!

Use Lemon in Garbage Bin 

Have you ever noticed foul smells coming from garbage disposal ? 

Due to water and waste food products in sludge bins, with time sludge builds up and this leads to very bad odour. 

Luckily to overcome this you can use a lemon. Just cut it to half and feed it down the disposal. Also after you empty the bins, keep them in sunlight for some time. If the issue still persists then use some baking soda. 

Clean Air Vents 

Air vents in your house are easy to forget and left uncleaned for months. This causes the dirt in air vents and blocks passage of fresh air. Even your home air conditioner or centralised heating system has to work harder and can lead to high energy bills. Moreover it sends back the dust particles back into the house. 

Timely cleaning your air vents with a vacuum cleaner helps in maintaining good ventilation. If the vacuum cleaner did not completely clean the vents then use a wet rag and wrap it onto a butter knife and clean the vents. 

Remove Bad Odor

The cause of bad odor at our homes are unclean bathrooms, shoes, carpets, pets, open dustbins etc. The first thing that comes to mind is using a room freshener. Well, room freshener works good but the hack I am  showing you will fill your home with a pleasant smell. 

Boil a pot of water on the kitchen stove and add orange peels or essential oils to it. You can even put some vanilla beans in the oven and it will fill the entire house with a good smell. You don’t even need fancy candles to do this job. 

Tip – If you want your house filled with the aroma of fresh coffee then simply light a candle and put it into a jar containing ground coffee beans. 

Use Steam to Clean Microwave

Microwave strains are tough to clean because with heat they become tough and grips the surface. A dirty microwave looks ugly and can be the source of bad smell due to stains. 

One of the coolest hacks to easily clean a microwave is using steam. Take two cups of water in a bowl and add one tea spoon of white vinegar to it. Place the solution in a bowl and run the microwave for 5 minutes. The steam formed from the solution will clean the microwave thoroughly and now it’s easy to clean tough stains with dry cloth. Before cleaning it with dry cloth make sure that the microwave is disconnected from power. 

Use Hair Dryer to Clean Water Rings 

Your hair dryers can be used to clean bad looking water rings from wooden tables. By adding a little heat on the rings directly they start to disappear. 

Another hack you can use is hot iron. Place a cloth on the spot and use hot iron on the cloth to remove water rings. At Save on cleaning we usually use this trick to remove water rings. 

Olive Oil to Clean Stainless Steel  Surface

This hack is taken form Mat Franken, Founder and CEO of Aunt Fannies

Olive oil as we all know has many health benefits but along with that it can be used to clean stainless steel pots, pans and appliances. 

Just put some olive oil on the stainless steel surface and rub the dirt or stain with clean cloth in circular motion. 

Use Vodka to remove Carpet Stains 

We don’t know what vodka has bad effects on your liver but it is a very good cleaning agent. 

Vodka can be used to remove carpet stains or you can use any other alcohol, red wine for this purpose. 

First remove the stain as much as possible by bloating it. Now pour any type of alcohol and let the cloth absorb it for 2 minutes. Now wash the stain with clean water. 

Vodka can also be used to clean kitchen counters, mirrors and windows. 

Use Rubber Gloves to remove Pet Hairs 

Many people use just a vacuum cleaner to remove hair from the sofa, carpet or other fabrics but it turns out that this is not an effective method of cleaning pet hairs. 

To remove pet hairs you can use rubber gloves. The reason we are using rubber gloves is that they produce static electric current when rubbed against fabrics which charge the gloves and it starts attracting pet hairs. 

Tip – You can also use a Lint remover for removing pet hairs from clothes.

Clean the bathtub with Grapefruit and Salt

Lemons and vinegar are great for cleaning but cleaning with grapefruit fills your room with a sweet smell. To clean the bathtub you need one grapefruit and 1 teaspoon of salt. 

First cut the grapefruit with a knife into two pieces. You can use one piece at a time for cleaning. Pour salt on the cleaning area and now rub it with a single grapefruit piece. Squeeze the grapefruit while rubbing because its juice along with salt becomes a strong House Cleaning agent. Clean it with water to get  a shiny bathtub. 

You can also use sinks, toilets, and tiles in the washroom. 

Use Tea Bags to get rid of Shoe Odour

Tea bags contain tannins which fight with the bacteria that is formed in our shoes. This bacteria is the cause of stinking shoes. 

Put the tea bag in boiling water and then take it out. Dry the tea bag for 5 minutes and then put it into shoes. This will kill the bad bacteria and end the bad odour.