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How do I remove the Bad Smell From My Washing Machine?

Your washing machine stinks and you are afraid that your laundry will stink too. There is a good chance that this is due to aphid. This is an accumulation of skin flakes and soap residues, among other things. Time to remove the stench from your washing machine. For example, by turning a hot wash or cleaning the soap dish. Read here how to remove bad smells from a washing machine.

That’s how you get rid of the stench

Fat louse, and therefore odor, is caused by soap residues that mix with skin flakes, for example. There are several ways to prevent and reduce bad smells:

Tip 1: Turn a hot wash.

Tip 2: Clean the rubber ring.

Tip 3: Empty the drain filter.

Tip 4: Clean the detergent drawer.

Tip 1: run a hot wax

By running a hot washing program every month, you kill the fat louse bacteria and prevent an unpleasant odor. Keep in mind that bacteria only die at a temperature from 60 ° C.

Empty your washing drum.

Select a washing program at 90 or 95 ° C.

Leave the washing machines door open after the program so that the drum dries completely.

Tip 2: clean the rubber ring

There is a lot of dirt in the rubber ring of the washing machine door. Not strange, because a lot of dirt disappears via the rubber to the filter of your washing machine. Therefore, clean the ring regularly:

Make soapy water with hot water and a splash of dish soap.

Dip a clean cloth into the soap and wipe the entire rubber ring.

Stubborn dirt can be cleaned with an old toothbrush.

Dry the rubber with a clean cloth.

Tip 3: empty the washing machine filter

There is often aphid in the filter at the front at the bottom, which creates a nasty smell. By emptying and cleaning the filter, you prevent a foul odor:

Place an empty basin under the filter.

Open the cover.

Drain the washing machine via the drain hose and carefully remove the filter.

The gray slurry on the filter is washed away with warm water under the tap.

Once clean, replace the filter and close the cover.

Tip 4: put a cloth over the detergent drawer

Clean the soap dish to remove fat lice and odor:

Carefully pull the soap dish out of your washing machine.

Rinse the soap residue under the hot tap.

Dry all parts with a clean cloth.

Replace the detergent drawer.

Avoid odor

Now that your washing machines is completely clean again, you prefer to keep it that way. The good news is that you don’t have to do these steps all at once. For example, run a 90 ° C cooking wash every month and schedule a moment to clean the rubber. Every other month, take a look at the filter and immediately take a cloth through the detergent drawer. Extra bonus: your washing machine lasts longer and smells fresh!