Chadar Trek

Do’s and Don’t’s of Chadar Trek

Chadar Trek, otherwise called the Zanskar solidified waterway trek is one of the most troublesome yet testing treks on the planet. The trek is situated in Leh and Ladakh district. In incredibly chilly conditions, the Zanskar stream will, in general, freeze and structures a thick sheet of ice on which one can stroll on. 

Chadar Trek is an inconspicuous and unexplored experience. This mountain trail on the ice-stopped upstream will go through by solidified cascades, valleys, and mountain hollows. 

This solidified stream trek is likewise one of the longest trekking trails in the Himalayas covering a region of 90km, which can be shrouded in 8-9 cold days. 

The temperature goes – 10 degrees, and the atmosphere varies now and again. It isn’t easy to make due in uncommon climatic conditions. For trekkers, Chadar Trek resembles a stroll to heaven. The trek begins from Leh and closures at Leh by covering the Zanskar Solidified Waterway and curious little towns that come in the middle. 

The Solidified Waterway trek accompanies a great deal of Do’s and Don’t’s: 



Above all else, one should try to illuminate their family and concern individuals about the trek and offer the schedule with them. Somebody should think about the timetable so that they can want assistance in the event of a crisis. 

Keep Yourself Warm 

As Chadar trek is attempted in winters and the atmosphere remains cold. One should keep themselves warm by wearing a layer of garments and a couple of gumboots. 

Eat and Drink 

The trek is secured and encircled by a day off. Food accessibility is uncommon. In this way, it is prudent to take enough water and eatables like chocolates, vitality bars with you. 

Emergency treatment Pack 

Continuously keep a little clinical pack with you having vital meds, bandaids, alleviation showers, and so forth. Having wounds and cuts is normal. 

Walk Cautiously 

Strolling on a thick sheet of ice isn’t simple, and that is the main explanation which makes Chadar a troublesome trek. Be cautious while walking on the ice sheet. Stroll on thick ice and abstain from strolling on a messed up surface. 


Try not to Make trouble. 

Enormous no. of religious communities and sanctuaries are there in transit. Wear proper garments and be pleasant to neighborhood individuals. Try not to hurt their aims by getting into mischief or doing anything incorrectly. Try not to guide fingers toward the cloisters as the nearby individuals may it take as an offense. 

Try not to Skirt Your Dinners. 

Eat appropriately before beginning the trek. And keeping in mind that on the trek, don’t skirt your dinners. One should require vitality and endurance to finish this trek. 

Tune in To Your Trek Head 

Cautiously tune in to your trek head. Try not to overlook his directions. Remember, he realizes preferable and increasingly experienced over you. What’s more, don’t get loud with others on the trek. Follow the rules and tips appropriately. 

Try not to Litter 

Keep an extra polybag to convey your waste. One ought not to litter anyplace and ruin the environmental factors. 

No Utilization Of Synthetics 

While cleaning up in the cascades, don’t utilize substance cleansers or shampoos. Keep the water perfect as local people use it for drinking purposes. 

Try not to Meander Alone. 

The district isn’t for meandering alone. Continuously be with your gathering or trek pioneer. Do meander or turn alone. It very well may be risky. 

Aside from all these DO’S and DON’T’s different things are additionally significant like: 

Positive Mental Disposition 

Before leaving on anything throughout everyday life, we contemplate the advantages and disadvantages. A stable mental demeanor overcomes any trouble throughout everyday life. As this trek isn’t a simple one in this way, one ought to be intellectually arranged to attempt this experience decisively or having any hesitation. 

Truly Arranged 

Chadar Trek is a test for your psyche and body. The following extensive analysis in the wake of being intellectually arranged is physical wellness. Exercise every day and make yourself fit for this experience. Some individuals will show you the details before one day of the trek. 

Continuously Be Set up for the Erratic 

Nature is erratic and wild. The climate in the Himalayas changes now and again. There may be times because of weather or some different conditions you may need to cancel from the trek. Now and again, Chadar may break because of weight, here and there Chadar may not shape. These are the incidents that any researchers or forecasters; it is smarter to be arranged consistently. 

Comprehend The Guidelines and Guidelines 

Because of the trouble level, Chadar accompanies a lot of government rules and guidelines. Experiencing a clinical test and taking wellbeing measures during the trek. Adhere to the guidelines and consistently tune in to your trek chief. What’s more, if you are not fit for this experience, you can not do this trek at that point. 

Pick up During The Trek 

Adapting never stops until the most recent day of the trek picks up something. You will get an opportunity to gain from nearby individuals like climbing, climbing pace, and everything. Tune in, watch, practice. 

All these are some significant and fundamental focuses which one needs to remember before attempted this experience. Make your trekking venture paramount by doing the Solidified Waterway Trek. 

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