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The quality of customer service plays a fundamental role in business development and in strengthening the brand image in the market. Today, customers use multiple channels to share comments, reviews, and recommendations with other buyers. Even one unsuccessful experience can ruin a company’s image if word of mouth spreads. It is therefore very important that businesses take every interaction with their clients seriously and use all available opportunities to leave a good impression on their customers. The responsibility for providing excellent customer support is further increased in the inbound process, and call center software solution for call centers require many features. The blog lists some important features that you need to look for when searching for call center software. we will see.

Unified interface Customer service:- Representatives need quick access to all important customer data and records. The team does not have to spend a lot of time switching between multiple applications to obtain customer information, payment history, purchase records and other important data.

Cloud connection

Because call centers are located in multiple locations, optimal performance requires a secure and stable hosting infrastructure. The client does not want to know that agents cannot receive account information because the system is locked. Call center software must be cloud compatible so that personnel can receive all the important data.

Mobile Availability

In most cases, support personnel will need to call the call center, but keep in mind the importance of providing mobile access to central business application personnel. Companies are increasingly adopting mobile applications and tend to create their own devices (the devices remain here). If managers and managers have access to customer records, open tasks, and other information on mobile devices, it will be easier to remotely manage equipment and improve customer service. The team has always experienced emergency situations.

7 important features of the Archiz Contact Center solution 

1. Automatic Call Distributor (ACD). The automatic call distributor is considered the basis of the call center. In general, call centers are filled with large volumes of incoming calls, but ACD helps organize things systematically. This telephone system helps route / distribute calls to the most suitable agent or department in the company.

2. Interactive voice response (IVR):- Everyone needs to experience the IVR system when trying to contact a call center. After the greeting from the IVR, the client has the opportunity to select the appropriate fields that need support. Depending on your choice, the call will be routed to the best department or area. Voice IVR such as text-to-speech and automatic speech recognition can also be used for IVR routing.

3. Integration of commercial tools: here is a way to update the idea of ​​call centers by integrating software solutions for call centers with commercial tools. CRM, help desks, marketing software, chat systems and e-commerce platforms are the most common commercial tools. Through this integration, a call center agent can collect all kinds of customer information, from purchase history to voicemail, notes, chat transcripts, etc., to offer individualized services to customers.

4. Multi-channel contact center. Today’s customers require responsiveness and responsiveness to easily communicate with contact center agents. The contact Center solution for multi-channel contact center allows you to integrate information across multiple channels and bring the quality of customer service to a completely different level. Throughout the life cycle of communication with the client, information continues to be integrated into any communication mode selected for a later time, and without the need to repeat the details again and again.

5. Reporting and monitoring: Many variables and real-time dynamics play a vital role in determining contact center productivity and productivity. Traditionally, reports and graphics have not effectively captured dynamic information. Therefore, today’s contact center leaders need cooperative tools to analyze active information. Control panels, information portals, and dynamic conceptions allow you to quickly track business dynamics, compare data, analyze data, quickly identify and resolve concerns, and make effective business decisions.

6. Analytics of the contact center. To pave the way for success, it is important to analyze and deeply examine customer behavior and the current trends and patterns that follow. To do this, managers should have access to comprehensive indicators, which include call volume, failure time, driving time, first contact resolution, etc., so that they can make decisions based on data for a tangible impact on the contact center as a whole.

8. Call recording function:

Call recording allows you to monitor your agents in real time, listen to recordings, and perform quality control, record data for any future dispute resolution and much more.

Other Features of Archiz Call Center Software

Call Queue Management When call center software offers features such as personalized music, callback cues, and voicemail cues, call waiting are improved. Location code and note software should allow agents to add simple call notes and location codes to call logs and Call Center CRM Software.

This helps store important customer information. Internal call routing. Interaction between agents improves teamwork and promotes positive teamwork. It also speeds up the problem-solving process by allowing agents to call technical support or another team member to get answers to your requests while the client is online.


Before investing in call center software, you need to identify areas where providing an impeccable customer service experience is not enough. If you have any questions about the integration of incoming or outgoing call center software, its features, or how to eliminate the shortcomings of support personnel, please contact our product experts for advice without obligation.

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