Vehicle Trackers

Uplift Your Business Growth With Vehicle Trackers

Thanks to the advancements in technology, there are numerous innovations in the GPS market. They have paved the way for the introduction of various vehicle tracking systems and applications. These vehicle tracking systems play an important role in various transportation-based industries. Even for the small and medium-size company, it has become an accessible and affordable solution. Most of the delivery service companies, logistic companies, transportation network companies have installed vehicle trackers and highly benefited.

As a fleet owner or manager, you can keep track of your vehicles all the times by using a tracking system. It not only provides you with the real-time location of your vehicle but also offers additional info about the vehicle and the trip, for example, idling time, speed, mileage, past travelled route etc.

Read below to know what major benefits of vehicle tracking you can enjoy:

Increase customer credibility:

In delivery services, customers cannot wait long for their product and service. They want it on time and cannot take the delay of even a minute or two. They keep on inquiring about the exact time of delivery and expects for service to be fulfilled as promised by you. A vehicle tracking system can help you commit an appropriate ETA for product delivery. Your credibility increases and customers get a good impression of yours. It works as a base and lets you grow your business.

Cut down the fuel cost:

Efficiency is important in a business, and it can be measured with revenue and expenditure. In the fleet business, the major expenses count under fuel and maintenance of vehicles. Therefore, you need to have control over the fuel costs, which is possible with a vehicle trackers. The device makes you aware of the fuel wasting activities of drivers. It provides you with in-depth data which lets you determine how to control such activities in your fleet business.

Real-time vehicle tracking:

Real-time location tracking helps you know the current position of your vehicle in transit. The GPS receiver sends the location information at regular intervals, and so you find its exact position every time. You stay connected to your vehicle travelling in far-off places and can ensure the safe transition of consignments.

Increase the profit:

Everybody looks for the way to flourish their business and earn greater profits. In a fleet business, it is the vehicle tracking systems that help you earn the profits. These systems offer a wide range of features that helps to figure out the bottom line of business. You can then work on it to increase the productivity of your fleet business.  Overall, the business operation of your fleet will be efficient and smoother, thereby increasing the profits.

KENT CamEye: The one to use

You can use KENT CamEye to integrate all these benefits into your business. It’s an advanced vehicle tracking system, designed keeping in mind the needs of fleet businesses. It comprises a dash cam cum GPS tracker which works in sync with a user-friendly software application.

Here are some best features of KENT CamEye vehicle trackers:

Location tracking: You can track the real-time location of in-transit vehicles which is interactively displayed over the map. It pinpoints the vehicle’s position over the route it is travelling. It even playback the route travelled by the vehicle during a past trip.

Live-video streaming with 2-way calling: You can stream the live video to check there is no unusual activity going in and around the vehicle. In case you find anything wrong and want to instruct the driver immediately, then simply click on the icon of 2-way calling. It will start a call through the device that auto-connects and establishes the communication shortly.

Smart Alerts: Fleet vehicles are often misused at the hands of drivers which unnecessarily cost to your business. KENT CamEye triggers an instant alert for over-speeding, engine idling, AC-On in parking, etc. Additionally, it sends alert on the breach of geo-fencing and upon unknown driver detection that helps in ensuring consignment’s safety.

Trip Records: KENT CamEye records every single detail of the trips including the time-lapse video recording of both inside and outside view of the vehicle. The data is uploaded to secure cloud storage, where it remains stored for up to 90 days. You can access the data anytime in between this period or can download it for later use.

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