RecordCast Realizes Screencasting and Video editing Only with a Browser

Today, we will introduce a free web service that enables screencasting and advanced video editing just by accessing it from a browser.

No browser extensions are required, and anyone can record the computer screen and start screencasting right away. You can edit the recorded video with its high-performance video editor.

It’s called RecordCast. It’s a completely free service, so if you are interested, continue reading it!

How to use RecordCast

First, Let’s take a deeper look at how to use RecordCast. First of all, click the “Sign Up – Free” button at the top of the site’s top screen to complete a free user registration. It’s optional to register an account, but it’s convenient to save the project for further editing to have an account. 

There are several ways to register, but this time we will register with your email address and password. Then the authentication link will be sent to the registered email address, so click it to complete. Then you can start screencasting and fine-tune the recorded video.

Settings before recording

Now, let’s try a screencast that can record the screen of the browser. Clicking the “Start Recording” button on the homepage, you can select the mode – Screen Only, Screen + Webcam, Webcam Only. You can select “Screen Only” to record only the browser screen. You can also utilize a webcam to record with your own face.

Next, when the recording setting screen is displayed, you will be asked if you want to record the audio as well, so choose the one that suits your purpose. The selections are as the following:

  • Microphone + System audio: Simultaneous recording of audio from microphone and PC system. 
  • Microphone: Only the sound from the microphone is recorded. 
  • System audio: Record only audio from the PC system.
  • No audio: No audio is recorded. 

Finally, the screen sharing settings will be displayed, so let’s decide whether to record the full screen, application window, or only any browser tab. 


Now you can start screencasting. Recording starts when “Recording in Progress” is displayed. 

You can leave the “RecordCast” tab as it is and add a new browser tab to browse the net, as usual, create programming videos using the web editor, and more.

Finish recording

If you like to stop recording, go back to the “Record Cast” tab and click the “Stop” icon in the main window. Then you are able to play the recorded video in preview immediately.

If there is no problem, click the “Download and Edit” button at the bottom of the screen.

The dedicated video editing editor provided by RecordCast will display. What I love most is that you can freely edit the video you just recorded in RecordCast.

By the way, if you like to download the video as it is without editing it, click the Export button to make it.

You can download the video file in MP4 format by selecting the desired resolution from 480p, 720p, and 1080p. One of the attractions is that the downloaded video has no watermark and is a clean file.

Edit the video


Let’s check out what you can do with the RecordCast video editing editor. You can insert characters in various formats into a video by selecting “Text” from the menu on the editor’s left side. You can change the characters’ color and size to your liking, and you can place them anywhere in the video. In addition, a wide variety of fonts are available, which is useful for inserting characteristic phrases. In addition, the pre-animated text is also available, and you can enjoy the dynamic text as well.

It is easy to add sentences that supplement the video, subtitles, backgrounds, elements, overlays, etc. By using the Background menu, you can choose a background color or change to your favorite color.

In the Element menu, you can insert an animated illustration icon into the video. There are many types of elements available. It is easy to find the desired elements from multiple categories, and it is convenient because you can paste it anywhere in the video, like PowerPoint.

You can use the Overlay menu to add animations such as effects to videos. There are many styles available, such as the title animations for businesses and startups. Of course, it can be combined with a video.

By taking advantage of these features, it is also possible to transform a simple screencast into a rich PR video.


RecordCast has no paid plan and is provided as a service that can be used completely free of charge now. Therefore, although there are restrictions on the number of projects that can be saved (8 projects) and recording time (30 minutes/time), it can be said that it can be used without any problems.

This tool is recommended for people who want to start screen casting or who want to edit videos smoothly, so please give it a try!