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Moving Your Manhattan Business to a Bigger Space

Are you a successful Manhattan business man? You have started your business long ago. In the meanwhile, it was developing with every single day, without you even noticing it. And, now the number of your clients is growing, and the scope of your doing is widening at a high pace. Well, that is great news, indeed! But, wait! Wouldn’t that mean that your business will now require a bit larger space than the one you are currently working in? If the answer is yes, you should get ready. But no worries, we have several little tips for you. Follow our guide to moving your Manhattan business to a bigger space, and make it all a piece of cake.

A good plan is key to reaching the goal

Business relocations are complex tasks. Because it’s not really all about you anymore. You need to take care of your clients and your staff as well. Therefore, the best thing you can do at the very beginning is to make a perfect plan. Create an initial draft of all the things you need to do, from the start till the end. Then, study thoroughly each step separately. See what tools you would need for it, and estimate how long it will last. Do the planning carefully, and share your ideas with several people you can trust. Remember, it’s always good to hear some second opinion from a real friend or get some professional relocation consultants to help you transfer your business.

Start on time when moving your Manhattan business to a bigger space

Time is money – that’s what they say. And we must agree that it is not just a simple proverb. When planning a large business relocation, you shouldn’t waste your time. Having an idea somewhere in your mind is not the same as actually making some steps. So, start right away. And don’t be surprised if your business relocation planning takes you more than several months. That’s actually how it is supposed to be. Otherwise, you may find yourself stuck in the middle of packing your equipment, tangled in all that mess of cables.

Dealing with the expenses

Yet another very important thing to consider, before making any serious steps is the question of your budget. Business relocations are expensive. And if you are about to relocate your developed Manhattan business to new surroundings, expenses are even bigger. So, first, do the analyses of your current financial situation. Consider your monthly expenses, or bank loans if there are any. See what is the exact amount you can afford for the move. Then, write down several major points you’ll need to pay for during your business relocation. Compare the digits, and don’t forget to add a bit more for some unexpected costs.

Collaborate with those who know their job well

When conducting any kind of move, it’s good to have some help. Therefore, hiring a reliable moving agency is always a good idea. As you may already know, in order to find what you really need, you have to do thorough research. Make a shortlist of several relocation companies that seem to meet your criteria. Contact each of them, and find out more about their offer, conditions, or any possible discounts. In the case of your business move, it’s good to search for those moving professionals who have already had some previous experience in this matter. You need someone who is able to transport your stuff safely and diligently. Thus, remember- the price is important, indeed, but you mustn’t let the main source of your income in hands of just any person in the world.

Work as a team

And now, we came to the point of packing. When you are moving your office to a larger space in Manhattan, there is really a lot of work to be done. Therefore, you should not do it all by yourself. Call on your staff. Talk to them about your plans. Ask them for help, and share the chores. Organize your employees to pack their own desks, and you should encourage them to do it on time. Everyone must bear some responsibility. And if you work as a team, nothing can go wrong.

Do it the right way

A good organization is crucial. This counts for the packing process as well. First of all, get all the necessary packing supplies, like different sized boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, labels. Sort your things carefully, and pay attention not to overload the boxes. Always use the colored labels to mark every box. This will bring some order to packing, but it will also speed up the unpacking when you finally reach your destination.

About the equipment

Every serious office has a lot of technical equipment. The packing of these elements is not an easy task at all. It takes time, and it needs to be done professionally. That’s why you are supposed to organize your I.T. department to make a good plan for disconnecting and reconnecting your tech. Remember that this is a kind of job you cannot leave for your movers, no matter how professional they may be. What’s more, if there is any equipment you would like to give away, this is a perfect chance to do so. And one more tip- try to make a kind of backup of your most important data, just in case something unexpected happens in the transportation process.

Final words on moving your Manhattan business to a bigger space

Expanding the business is the biggest thing that can happen to a serious and ambitious business person. When the moment for moving your Manhattan business to a bigger space comes, you know that you did a great job. We really hope this little guide can give you a hand with this important process. So, let’s make a small reminder o what you should not forget to do:

  • make a plan
  • start on time
  • think about expenses
  • find reliable movers
  • involve your staff in the whole process
  • do the packing properly