Credit History

Establishing Credit With No Credit History

Credit can be termed to get goods or services before you pay them with a promise or trust to pay for them in the future. While credit history is termed as the record of borrower’s repayable debts. And “no credit” history means that you don’t have an established account of borrowing money and paying it back from the respected issuing bank ( or lender).

It may seem that having no credit is a good one because it indicates that you are financially solvent enough to pay through cash for the purchases you do. But lenders need a proof regarding your loyalty and capacity. Credit history or Credit scores are always mandatory sources for getting credit. To get your first Credit card or loan, average credit history is okay, but an excellent one is, of course, the best.

The Need for Credit Card History

Why do you need a credit history? Because it’s proof on how you manage your financial responsibilities. Credit history plays a vital role in credit because only then will the lender know about your behavior on paying the debts, which helps them make the decisions.

Let’s say that you have completed your high school and are very eager to get a credit card. And you’ll be filling the forms and will be waiting for a long for the reply from the Issuing bank. Later you’ll get to know that it was rejected.

Why? Because you don’t have a credit history. But how to establish a credit history? It is quite frustrating, but let’s build a credit history in a cheap and best method. Once you start using the credit responsibly, that leads to an increase in the credit scores so that you can gain enormous advantages from both the convenience and financial perspectives. The main thing you need to do is to obtain a credit history report. 

Credit History Review

Get a credit report copy to ensure that you genuinely don’t have any in the credit history.

Its quite surprising that your student loan and the Memberships also account in Credit histories, even though they are of a brief period.

If the issuing bank has recently rejected you, you can legally claim them for a free copy of the credit histories report.

Though it’s valid for a short interval, that’s what you all need.

And there’s no need to pay to see your credit histories as there are many free online tools to check your credit score.

You can check your credit score or report online using the “” 

For the further establishment of credit history are:

Get a Store card

Like some membership cards, even though you don’t have a credit history.

Applying for a secured Credit card 

with a small deposit at the bank.

Apply a Credit- Builder Loan

This helps in enhancing your credit score. Credit unions and community banks help in these kinds of loans.

Finding a Co-signer

This helps you in increasing the credit score. Make sure they are willing to take part in this.

Becoming an Authorised user on another person’s credit card

Your borrowing can help establish credit credentials.

Make on-time payments every month

The ultimate goal for anyone willing to build the credit history and credit score is that you have to “Pay on Time.” This is the most critical component for calculating your credit histories. 

Go easy with the number of cards

Try to get a single card at a time and another at least six months later, only when you need it. Don’t try for two to three cards at a time. Once a good credit score is built up, having more than one credit card can be extremely beneficial, especially in terms of gaining reward points and other such facilities.

Other such ways for establishing credit historie are approaching credit unions, where cooperative members pool money to offer credits at the lowest rates.

Another is a “secured loan” because there you use your asset as security for the loan. Last would be utilizing a Guarantor for the confirmation of any student loans.


These are some of the ways to establish credit with no credit histories.  Everyone starts out with no history. However, you need to be eligible to start out with a credit card, first. And if you are looking for a credit card simply to gain access to service through its details, you can do so via CreditCardGenerator. Otherwise, follow these ways to legally and efficiently gain a credit card.