Easy Accounting

Easy Accounting Method for Small Business

Tax time is near which pile of receipts in your shoebox is merely getting to fade a touch more a day. now’s the time to use an easy system and obtain your home and business accounting so as . you would like to wash up that box before April 15th anyway, so because the saying goes, it’s time to swallow the large frog first.

As with all successful ventures in life, a touch little bit of work every day or hebdomadally makes the work tons easier. The hard part is creating the habit a day or hebdomadally so as to urge the work done. You eat a roast one bite at a time, so why does one attempt to handle a year’s worth of receipts on April 14th while you hold with the Turbo Tax support line trying to work out why the installation didn’t work. Let’s start by eating last year’s roast now, and obtain started on our 2010 roast also.

The system is extremely simple, and therefore the difficult part is getting people to spend the time a day. one of the paradoxes of the organization is you get longer. once you have longer you’re tempted to require on more work and at some point lose your reference to the habit that created the time. I jump up and down and scream and yell at business owners once they do that. A well-run business is sort of a neat watch. it’s not tons of effort to form the business run well when it is run well.

This is precisely the system we built for our clients. you’ll send us an envelope together with your receipts and a check otherwise you can follow this easy system.

Are you ready for this?

The three main things to try to are:

  • Buy the equipment,
  • found out the system, and
  • Start building your habits.

If all goes well tax time within the Spring of 2011 are going to be as simple as:

  1. Install Turbo Tax,
  2. Fill out your information,
  3. Import the info from Quicken or QuickBooks and
  4. Click e-File.
  5. Buy the equipment. 3-5 hours total if you attend Office Depot, less if shopping online.

First, you would like a computer. A Mac is OK, sadly QuickBooks is far better on the PC for a few reason, and thus everything here is said to the PC. If you own a business, you’ll get a touch HP PC and use it only for accounting and therefore the costs won’t be that bad albeit you’re a Mac shop.

The next thing you would like is that the software, I will be able to admit although we aren’t a “certified” QuickBooks partner Quicken and QuickBooks are the sole thanks to going. They really should send me a cut.

The second thing you would like is scanner. Neat Receipts wont to be a requirement for our clients but the new Quicken has an attachment feature so you’ll scan the copy of the important receipts right to the Quicken item with a right-click and a scan. The HP 6100 series beat one printer-scanners are tested then have the large Xerox beat one network scanners and that they work fine.

Finally, you would like either three or twelve file folders. I prefer simple so there is plenty, and if you would like quite you’ll use all twelve. My goal as a business coach and environmentalist is to aim for a zero paper office. Less storage means more efficient use of office space and fewer waste.

So the shopping list is basically this easy, and you almost certainly can use what you’ve got already if you wish.

  • Small PC 2GB ram suggested, the scanners are slow if you get less, with Monitor and keyboard. If you’ll afford it and have the desk space, get a Quad-Core PC and Two 24″ monitors. We just like the HP PC’s and Samsung monitors. If you’re getting to hire someone, get smaller monitors for easier remote access.
  • Copy of Quicken (Home Use), or Quicken Home and Business (Small home-based business) or QuickBooks (You have an office and 1 or more employees)
  • Scanner, (suggest network ready so you’ll grow)
  • Three Pak of file folders.

That is all the equipment, software, and materials you would like to form the system work. Not regrettable is it?

Set up the system. 2-3 hours

If your PC is new, the foremost time may find yourself configuring the PC. Quicken and QuickBooks both load reasonably quickly then do most scanner applications. After loading Quicken or QuickBooks on your PC, start by entering your business information. the sole question you would like to understand now’s “Cash” or “Accrual”. If you’re just starting out, consider selecting accounting, you’ll always change to accrual later. If you discover you would like to travel the opposite way may be a lot harder. one among our advisers says this, “Your books should be ‘cash’ basis, your filing to the IRS should be ‘accrual’.” QuickBooks allows you to do that.

Next, it’s time to attach your checking, savings, and credit cards to your Quicken or QuickBooks software therefore the automatic updates are working. This greatly reduces the workload and can buy the software within weeks. If you haven’t done it, i might suggest stopping here and separating your credit cards for home and office. I know it is overkill, I even have two American Express Credit Cards and two Master Cards. One each for home and one each for office. It makes life much easier when sorting receipts.

Test the scanner to form sure the accounting software will ask the scanner.

Here is the process as we run it for our clients first, and my household second.

Start your habits. 1-2 hours per week, 8 additional hours at the top of the year to try to everything including taxes if you follow this.

The first step in making the system easy to use is to convert every vendor and each bill possible to online or electronic. Sending your invoices via e-mail, and accepting ACH (electronic) payments from your clients reduces your paperwork clutter right off the bat.

The next step relates to MasterCard receipts. whenever you purchase something, write the tax code or customer line right the highest. as an example whenever I even have a sales meal, I write Meals 50% at the highest. If I even have a staff meal, then I write Meals 100% on top. If I stop at some big box store and buy parts for a customer I write COGS-Customer Name.

As a business owner or manager, there are some basic accounting concepts you would like to know. COGS or cost of products sold is one among those concepts and knowing the legal difference between 50% meals and 100% meals is another. The list really isn’t that long, and most are pretty obvious like vehicle fuel and maintenance. a touch practice and it becomes a habit . If you would like to form things like fuel easy, get fuel only MasterCard for every company vehicle which item is automated too.

At the top of every day or the start of every day whichever you select, all of the receipts enter an envelope that’s mailed bent us each Friday, for you, pick at some point hebdomadally to schedule one hour approximately to urge these receipts entered. All of your checks enter this envelope too. The three folders are for the present month and therefore the past two months receipts.

When you sit down here is that the checklist for the receipt box hebdomadally. If you’ve got a really small business, you’ll try monthly but my experience is no-one can create a “monthly” habit since bills are due on a special day of the week monthly.

  • Run all bank updates
  • Compare all receipts to the bank download and accept.
  • Any receipts that are not downloaded return in an envelope for next week
  • Any receipts that have an opportunity of being returned or are of high value are scanned and attached to the QuickBooks entry line.
  • All receipts attend the folder for the month
  • If it’s a replacement month, all receipts are shredded and therefore the folder moved to the front for the present month. If you haven’t returned it in 90days you almost certainly won’t, and it it’s important you’ve got a scanned copy anyway.
  • Pay all bills due that week, print whatever checks are needed, and check out to urge those vendors on electronic payments.
  • Deposit all checks received an equivalent day entered.*

If you are doing a high volume of credit cards or large checks you’ll get to create an account for “undeposited funds”. once you take a MasterCard or large check, there might be five days or more before you really can spend the cash . the simplest thanks to stay out of trouble here is to use the undeposited funds account to trace the cash until it actually clears your account.

Read more-: QuickBooks Error 15215

That is it. If you would like to ascertain how your business is doing take a fast check out both “Cash” and “Accrual” reports. you would like to know both to understand what your business is doing. If you do not skills to read the reports, buy a consultant or accountant to spend a couple of hours helping you out. the things isn’t that tough if you’ll take a touch time to find out the way to read it. Knowing the way to read your reports might save your business.