Visiting Oran

Best Places That You Just Cannot Miss While Visiting Oran

The city of Visiting Oran is a beautiful seaside town that is inspired by the seaside resort of the French city of Nice, and you can have flavors of Europe and Africa both by taking Turkish Airlines flights. It is one of the most important cities in Algeria as it has great cultural, commercial, and industrial importance and is also one of the most visited cities in the country. In the past, the city was used for commercial purposes until the French took it over.

In Oran, there is a long boulevard with restaurants, cafes, and an ice cream parlour. It also offers fantastic views of the coast, stunning surrounding cliffs, and the harbor. The city also has many other amenities and facilities for tourists, including several luxury resorts.

Sidi el Houari

The district of Sidi El Houari is the first district of Oranie in history. It is divided into three quarters, each of which has its charm. Casbah is the most seasoned aspect of the region and the city. Saint-Louis worked around a congregation that bears a similar name, while the old port territory is situated along the coast beneath Aïdour. The entire neighborhood of Sidi el Houari faces the sea as it is built on the slopes of Aïdour and Wadi Rhi. It is worth exploring the district on foot and taking a look at the historic buildings

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City Centre

Oran city center is filled with many impressive French buildings. It’s quite interesting, and it’s like a trip to 1940’s France. One of the structures you will see on this walk is the Cathedral du Sacré-Coeur d’Oran, which was the main French house of prayer that worked in the nation. The cathedral now houses the library. You will also come across place du 1er Novembre.

There is a beautiful fountain in the square and a monument surrounded by buildings such as the town hall. Because of the current situation of the world, it is advised to take online air tickets for your safety.

Fort Santa Cruz

Post Santa Cruz is one of the three fortifications in Visiting Oran, the second biggest port city of Algeria; the other two strongholds are Fort de la Moune at the west end of the port and Fort Saint-Philippe, supplanting the old Saints Castle, referred to in Spanish as Castillo de Los Santos, in the focal point of Oran.

In 1831, the French involved Oran and the stronghold. There is a small chapel near the fort, known as the Santa Cruz Chapel.

Abdullah Ibn Salam Mosque

The Abdullah Ibn Salam Mosque was once the Great Synagogue in Oran. It used to be one of the largest synagogues in North Africa. By the time the country gained independence, almost all Algerian Jews had moved to France. It also made the country predominantly Muslim.

In the 1960s, it became the mosque of Abdallah Ibn Salam and was named after a 7th century Jew who converted to Islam. Taking Turkish Airlines flights is a wise decision not only because the service is exceptional, but you can also find cheap priced tickets.

Le Theatre d’Oran

Activity Torch was the Anglo-American attack of French North Africa during the North African mission during World War II. The light was the presentation of the mass contribution of US troops in the European-North African theatre. The Soviet Union has long pressed the United States and Britain to start operations in Europe and open a second front to ease the pressure of German troops on the Red Army.

While US commanders advocated Operation Sledgehammer, landing in occupied Europe as soon as possible, British commanders considered it premature and likely to end in disaster, and offered to land in French North Africa.

It is a place for art lovers and if you are one of those, then consider taking Online Air Ticket Booking to Oran for your next trip.

Medina Jadida

The Medina Jadida area is Visiting Oran commercial center and is known today as the market district. In the past, this area of ​​the city was designated for the black population. Marche Medina Jedida is a huge market where you can buy everything from flowers to souvenirs. It is the best place for tourists to buy bargain clothing, textiles, jewelry, and other souvenirs.

Bargaining is a must when shopping here, as is caring for your purse. Pickpocketing is the order of the day, but it shouldn’t deter you from coming.

Ain el-Turck

About 15 kilometres from Visiting Oran is the seaside resort of Ain el-Turck. The area itself is named after the beach, which is a major tourist attraction. Ain el-Turck means “Fountain of the Turks,” although, in the past, this coastal city was called El Eurfa. It was then the home of many nomadic people who sold their goods in the city’s port.

Today, the strip has accommodation, cafes, and restaurants that meet the needs of tourists. It is also home to some great attractions such as Saint Roch, Bouisseville, and Trouville.


Visiting Oran is the second most significant city in the whole of Algeria after the capital Algiers, due to its commercial, industrial, and cultural importance. It has so much to offer to everyone, and you can have your share by taking Turkish Airlines flights.