3M Car Window Tinting Dubai

All about 3M Car Window Tinting Dubai

Car window tinting is very hyped and very popular in Dubai. But, is it worth investing in?. Let’s get to know, the best tints for your cars, laws of 3M Car window tinting Dubai, advantages of it, and sling with it the best car window tinting service providers in UAE.

Best tints for cars 

Mostly used tinting films in UAE are ceramic, carbon, metallic, and nin metallics. Each one has unique components and unique quality in itself. It has a different price range. The effectiveness of each tint is different. But the 3M crystalline window tint is efficiently known for its blockage of up to 97 percent of the UV rays. Which is more than amazing right. 

Car tinting laws in UAE.

The law of car tinting in the UAE totally assures the safety and security of the citizens.

The visual light transmission should exceed 50%. Whether it is already tinted by the manufacturer or both. VST stands for the amount of light is seen passing through the glass.

Taking care of citizens and concerns about the extreme weather conditions in Dubai. The rule exceeded up to 50% from 30%. 

The law allows tinted windows to the vehicles with side and rear windows only, exempting frontal glass. There is a strict no-no to the heavy vehicles to tint their windows. And the breaker of the law should bear a fine of AED 500 along with vehicle confiscation for about a month.

Advantaged of Car window tinting

  • You must be wondering that does it really works in extreme heat. Yes, it does. 3M car window tint really works under the red sun and block up to 97% of the UV rays.
  • And thus, it resists heat. There is no chance of rays entering inside. Ultimately it protects upholstery damage or its colors from fading
  • It also protects the glass from shattering and sometimes. Yes, window tinting can be the reason for escape.
  • It is also a precaution against the disease. Yes, it protects you from skin cancer-causing by extreme heat. And thus, it can be a precaution too.
  • It also helps to maintain the temperature of your car and thus, it keeps your car cool as ice.

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