Beautiful Scarf

9 Stylish Ways To Wear A Beautiful Scarf

The best way to uplift the visual appeal of your dress is by wrapping a scarf around your neck. A beautiful scarf will add a dash of colors and you can flaunt some attitude! You can also print any design on your scarf and make it more attractive. 

You just need to hire a good custom scarves printing contractor and share your design ideas. The renowned printing contractor will transform your ideas into reality.  There are different ways to wrap your beautiful scarf around your neck. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various ways to wrap a scarf.

Simple Wrap

A simple wrap around your neck is a stylish and comfortable way to wear a scarf. You can pull it around the shoulder and add more layers when the weather turns out windy. It will protect you from dust, dirt, and harmful sunrays. This simple wrap is good for little girls.  To uplift the attire of little girls, match the print of scarf with the design of custom socks.

Knotted Shawl Wrap

In this type of wrapping style, you have to add one more step i.e. adding a knot. You have to pull your scarf around your shoulders and pick both loose ends to tie them up. You have to tie them behind your back. Now, take both ends and bring them in the forward direction. Make sure that knot is not visible.

Classic Pull Through

It is one of the widely popular ways of wrapping a scarfs. The classic style of wrapping a scarf is amazing as it looks stylish and different. For classic pull through, you need to double up your scarf and wrap it around your neck from your back. Make sure that both ends fall in the forward direction. Now, pick the loose ends and put it inside the loop. Tighten it as per your convenience and you are all set to go!

French Wrapping Style

If you are looking for an elegant way of wrapping a scarfs, then you should try French wrapping style. You should fold your scarf and wrap it around your neck. You should wrap it in such a way that both ends fall in the forward direction. 

You should pick one loose end of the scarfs and put it over and under the loop. After that, pick other loose ends and implement the same technique again. To make it more elegant, you should choose beautiful custom scarf designs and match these designs with your attire.

Boho Style Of Wrapping

Boho style of wrapping a scarfs will give a classic twist to your attire. You should make a custom printed beautiful scarf and wind it around your neck. While wrapping it around your neck, make sure that both ends fall in the forward direction. 

You have to tie booth falling ends and make a beautiful knot. This knot should be in the center of your chest.  You should pull the flap of the scarf and wrap it around your neck to make it look beautiful.

Make A Loop

In this style of wrapping scarf, you should wrap the scarf around your neck in such a way that booth loose ends fall behind you. Now, make a cross of both ends and bring these falling ends in the front direction.  You should tie both ends and make a small double knot.  Now tuck the knot in a small loop. While forming the knot, you should make sure that it looks like an infinity scarf.

Twisted Classic Style

A twisted classic style is a new form of wrapping a scarf. In this style, you have to fold your beautiful scarf. Once your fold your scarf into half, then twist it lengthwise. Now, you have to wrap a scarfs around your neck and let booth ends come in the forward direction. 

Finally, pull the ends of scarfs through the loop and you are all set to go! For twisted classic style, you should choose custom printed scarfs. The printing contractors who offer custom scarves printing services also help in printing custom socks.

Serendipity Style

This serendipity style is good when you have a long scarfs. It is a simple way of draping a scarf around your neck. It is a simple and smart way of wrapping a scarfs.  First of all, you should hang the scarf around your neck in such a way that both ends fall in the back direction. Now, bring both ends in the forward direction by making a cross of both ends. Finally, adjust the length as per your convenience and flaunt your style!

Fake Knot Style

In this type of scarfs wrapping style, you should hang your scarf around your neck. Make sure that both ends fall in front. Form a knot in the middle and you are good to go.