Diabetic Erectile Dysfunction

Best Ways to Overcome Diabetic Erectile Dysfunction

Diabetic Erectile Dysfunction is a more common problem to men with diabetes– but, yes, it can be reversed or fixed. There are certain precautions, methods, and treatments that could help you improve. Well, erectile dysfunction, we all know, is a male sexual disorder which makes a man incapable to get or keep an erection– especially, it is more common when you have type- diabetes. It damages the penile blood arteries and narrows the blood flow, which in result, makes it tough to get erections.

In this post, we will be talking about certain precautions, treatments and tips to help you with your diabetic erectile dysfunction.

Know the treatment options

There are dozens of erectile dysfunction treatments out there. Ask your doctor to prescribe you one of the suitable yet effective option. Or, you can start with an option which is less likely to develop any side effects.

Oral medications

The Food and Drug Administration has approved some medications for treating male erection issues such as Generic Kamagra 100mg. These medications contain drugs that help increase blood flow to penile tissues by dilating arteries. Commonly, Viagra containing sildenafil citrate is the most prescribed medication. It is available in 50mg to Viagra 150mg tablets– one may consider your doctor to prescribe a suitable dose.

Indeed… There is Cialis, Levitra, and Stendra as well. These medications work similarly as sildenafil does, may vary a bit though. Cialis contains tadalafil and is available in 5 mg to 60mg Cialis tablets. The best part with tadalafil is that, it can last upto 36 hours. Moreover, Levitra and Stendra as there as well.

Natural supplements

Similarly as oral medications, there are some natural herbs or supplements that can help with erectile dysfunction as well–by dilating blood vessels and boosting sexual libido. These natural supplements include Korean ginseng, rhodiola, yohimbe, l-arginine, and DHEA. Moreover, taking them in combination with oral medication such as Cenforce 100 mg for even better effectiveness.

Penile implants

Sometimes oral medications or other treatments might not work– especially when your penile blood arteries are damaged. In such a case, an inflatable or malleable penile implants can reinstate your erectile health. The implanted rod near penile shaft helps a man to manage his erections.

Injection and vacuum-constriction device

Alprostadil injection is one the ways to help boost blood circulation to penile tissues if medications and other ways do not work. This drug is injected directly to the penile base which results in a boost in blood circulation. Indeed, vacuum-constriction device is a vacuum pump invented in 1800s to make men able to push more blood into penis, if not naturally then by hand.

Making good lifestyle choices

Erectile dysfunction in men is often a result of poor lifestyle habits. Our lifestyle has a great impact on our overall health– sexual health as well. Making right lifestyle choices can have a huge positive change on your overall sex function. There are some lifestyle habits you can change and find a better way to get rid of erection issues permanently. These lifestyle changes include regular exercising, healthy diet, yoga, meditation, and avoiding smoking and alcohol.

Seeking a doctor’s help

In some cases, it is better to get a doctor’s help than would rather going for self-treatments. Or, when you find that tried treatments not showing results that were effective enough. A doctor might make some tests such as NPT or SHIM test to diagnose the problem well– and start with a more suitable and effective treatment. Taking an expert’s help always gives an upper edge to better fix any disorder, especially when it is erectile issues.

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