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Most Watched Best TV Series List in 2020-TV Series Recommendations

Year of Publication: 2008-2013

Best TV Series Breaking Bad, which is on the list of the best foreign series that has made a final, is the story of being a famous drug producer of Walter White, who lives a modest and ordinary life.

Living like any chemistry teacher to date, Walter White learns that he has cancer on his 50th birthday. Despite being a successful chemist, he has always suffered financial difficulties and adds salt pepper to his disabled son and his new born daughter, who learned that he would die when he was trying to support him.

Walter White, who has been struggling to support his family after his death, finds himself suddenly producing drugs through an old student. He begins to make money and walk around the borders of evil. Walter White also calculates what he stole from life. The script, whose script and story is very successful, questions the fine line between being good and bad.


 Band of Brothers

Channel / Platform: HBO

  • IMBD Score:  9.4 Source
  • Genres: Action, Drama, History
  • Does the series continue:  no 
  • Number of Seasons Published:  1
  • Number of Sections: 10
  • Year of release:  2001

The Band of Brothers series is a 10-episode HBO TV series about the Second World War, adapted from the book of Band of Brothers, written by biographer and historian Stephen E. Ambrose.

It is one of the important series that you will seriously enjoy and have in mind. If you are looking for TV series about war and history and want to be among not only the best war and history series, but also based on real events at the same time, and about World War II, this series is really among the best foreign series in the world. Brothers will definitely be a very, very good choice for you.


 Game of Thrones

Channel / Platform: BLuTV

IMDB Score : 9.3 Source

  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama
  • Does the series continue  : no
  • Number of Seasons Published : 8
  • Number of Sections: 73
  • Year of Publication : 2011-2019

Undoubtedly, when it comes to foreign series, Game of Throne (Game of Thrones) comes first. The series, which has a large fan base, was transferred from George RR Martin’s novel to television screens.

The first place in the list of the best foreign series is mentioned in the Game of Thrones series, which is a fantastic series that smells of history, and 7 kingdoms are mentioned. In an infinite world, called Westeros, sometimes summers or winters last a lifetime. The war, intrigue and struggles that are going on in a completely fantastic world and age are being discussed.

The Game of Thrones series, which talks about the game of thrones with its rich cast, tremendous scenario, visuals and magnificent plot, has become the number one among the movie-like series and some people liking top Pakistani dramas


 Rick and Morty

Channel / Platform: Netflix

IMDB Score:  9.2 Source

  • Genres: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
  • Does the series continue:  yes
  • Number of Seasons Published:  4
  • Number of Sections: 41
  • Year of Publication:  2013

 Rick And Morty, which is an animated genre in the best foreign series , combines comedy and adventure elements, and locks the audience on the screen. Rick And Morty Describes the adventures of a super smart, alcohol-loving, ego-high selfish grandfather (Rick) and his pure and benevolent grandson (Morty).

Many celebrities have brought life to the series, which includes interesting scenarios and plots in which adventures of grandparents and grandchildren traveling between parallel universes are processed. The series, created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, brings the elements of comedy and violence to the screens by melting them in a pot.