best small cities near Charlotte

Best Small Cities Near Charlotte, North Carolina

Are you among those who are willing to change their life and move somewhere else? If you are, you must be constantly wondering – where should I go? Do you need a buzzing atmosphere of a big metropolis, or you would prefer a more peaceful life in a small town? Such a huge decision to make, isn’t it? All in all, no matter what ides of a perfect life you have on your mind, one thing is sure – you should inform well before you make any serious steps. Thus, making a good research for a certain time can really help. So, why not start right now? Let’s see what we have here. Take a look, at some of the best small cities near Charlotte, North Carolina.

1. Belmont – fall in love with its charm

Meet Belmont– a nice small town, around 15 miles far from Charlotte. This is one perfect place for all those family people. Safe and friendly neighborhoods.A community where almost every citizen knows all the others. But, Belmont is one place full of life, as well. You will always have something to do here. Take a walk down Belmont’s Main Street. Look around its shops and boutiques, or have lunch in some of its restaurants. And if you are more like some outdoor happenings lover, there is something for you, too. Enjoy the nature of charming parks and gardens in Belmont. The good news is that there will always be some concerts or local community events happening all around. So, if this is the place you are looking for, don’t waste your time, hire State to State Move, and start your new life in Belmont.

2. Pineville – one of the best small cities near Charlotte

And here comes yet another small and nice friendly town. Pineville is a place where you can find a perfect getaway from the city haste. This is a town that is said to have the best ratings when it comes to friendliness and family life availabilities. In one word, Pineville has something for everyone. Lively streets full of restaurants and various shops for the young population. Well-maintained parks and walking areas particularly convenient for seniors. And then, when Saturday comes, don’t be surprised with a bunch of cheerful people gathered at the famous Farmer’s Market in Pineville. Therefore, if you don’t like big cities’ everyday life, and you want something completely different, this may be a town for you. Get some professional help if you want for your relocation out of the city to be simple, and give a chance to Pineville.

3. Cornelius – a lakeside town

This small city near the lake in Charlotte offers a wide range of amenities- as some big cities do- but it still keeps that special feeling of a small and cozy town. Just imagine yourself having a nice house and a beautiful, lush and lively yard, being that lucky to take a small morning walk down the lakeside.

Young professionals, for example usually tend to choose Cornelius because it has much to give when it comes to job opportunities. On the other hand, family people are mostly attracted by the healthy school system that is a common thing in Cornelius. Pretty available costs of living, are, on the other hand, something that sounds good for everyone. And at the top of everything, you can be sure boredom is not an option in Cornelius. Numerous outdoor activities are available for every generation. And its proximity to the lake makes it all even more appealing and joyful.

4. Stanley – the affordable option

Now, if the economic aspect plays the biggest part in the search for the new home, then Stanley is the best small city close to Charlotte that you can find. Living costs in Stanley are considerably lower than those in Charlotte, and you are still being able to live near the major city of North Carolina. What’s more, it is possible to find a decent place to live in for the average price of $121 500. Therefore, if you have decided to settle down in a town like Stanley, you can both buy and renovate your home with a pretty acceptable amount of money. This is especially important for people who want a good place for their family, and need to live on a budget. On the other hand, when it comes to spare time activities this place offers much space for everyday walks and family or friend meetings like picnics and parties.

5. Gastonia – a recreational spot

Gastonia is a small city, only half an hour away from Charlotte. This is yet another near to Charlotte place that offers pretty affordable housing options. So, if you have saved some money for your new beginning, this is your opportunity to make the first step. Buy an affordable house, refresh the walls, do the floors and bring in your furniture and your life in it. And, when it comes to free time options, this small city has plenty of recreational activities for people of all ages. Nature lovers will adoreCrowders Mountain State Park and all the activities that it has to offer. All in all, we can say that Gastonia is a place for everyone. What’s more, retirees will love the fact that only in this small place they can find more than three hundred doctors.

Final words

If you are dreaming about a slower pace life far from the chaos of the capital, some cozy small city is exactly what you need. Make a little plan, and start your search for your perfect new home. Here, we gave you only a few hopefully interesting options to start from. And it may be that it is exactly one of those small cities close to Charlotte the one you are looking for all the time. But, you will never know unless you try.