Best places to start a business in Northern Virginia

Best places to start a business in Northern Virginia

Being an entrepreneur can be a very rewarding path. A business venture, if done the right way in the right location, can become very successful over time. The key is to have a well-thought-out plan, alongside a good understanding of the basics of starting a business. Most of the time, the location definitely ranks as one of the most important elements. Therefore, if you are looking for the best places to start a business in Northern Virginia, keep on reading. We’ll highlight a few tips to get you started and a few tactics about succeeding in Northern Virginia.

New Business Venture

Whether you want to start a business in Northern Virginia from scratch or are thinking of expanding your business there from another location, a good plan is a necessity. What is your business about? What is your target audience? Have you set your budget for this project and have you calculated potential future expenses? These, amongst other questions, are things that should be considered at the very beginning of this idea.

As much as it’s exciting to be starting a new business venture, there are a lot of risks that come with it. Meanwhile, you can eliminate most of those risks by predicting how your business will do. In order to do that, however, research and planning are required. Moreover, discuss your plans with a moving company. Getting professional assistance from Zippy Shell Moving and Storage DMV will simplify the relocation process, and you can focus on your new business.

Start a Business in Northern Virginia

The many business incentives and one of the lowest corporate income tax rates in the entire country could be the reasons why many choose to start a business in Northern Virginia. The local economy has been doing well, and the unemployment rate is lower than the national average. Let’s review a few of the best places you could consider like the location to embark on your business ideas.

Tysons Corner

Tysons Corner is an unincorporated community in Northern Virginia. It’s very well known for its business district and the many office spaces within the area. Why would you start a business in Tysons? Perhaps because the total revenue of it’s businesses on average is a little over $11 million a year. These and other numbers and percentages definitely place this community on top of the list of places to start a business in Northern Virginia.


Hollins is another district within the area that could be a good place to start a business in Northern Virginia. The numbers here are also very promising. Every year, each business averages a revenue of a little over $2 million. In addition, the unemployment rate in Hollins is not only below the nation’s but also the state’s, sitting at 3.3%.


Warrenton is a very safe and welcoming community. In addition, besides being one of the areas on top of the list of starting a business in Northern Virginia, it also provides a lot of assistance to start-ups. The Greater Warrenton Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization that supports local businesses. With their assistance, businesses can learn about sustainability, profits, and overall success.


The town dates back to the 1840s, and although it’s population isn’t the highest, it’s profits are high. Each business within the area has an average revenue of about $2.2 million every year. These numbers, combined with low housing expenses, make Ashland a very desirable area to move to and start a business in Northern Virginia.


Retail and entertainment businesses seem to do very well in Merrifield. Almost 50% of all its businesses have paid employees, and most residents have an annual income of between $70 000 and $80 000. If your business ideas fit within the category of retail or entertainment, it would be beneficial to consider Merrifield as a place to start a business in Northern Virginia.

Other places you could look into include Fairfax, Vienna, Winchester, Falls Church, Abingdon, etc.

New Headquarters

Now that we have narrowed down the list of places where one could start a business in Northern Virginia, it’s time to make sure all ducks are in order. As we mentioned above, having a solid plan is important and necessary. In addition, it would be very helpful if you already had a few people on your team. This way, with the help of others you can get the business up and running.

Meanwhile, ensure to move into your new headquarters trouble-free by getting assistance from a reliable moving company. Setting up new office space can become overwhelming, especially on top of relocation and starting a business. Therefore, if it falls within the budget, relocate hassle-free with a team of professionals who will have more than enough resources and supplies to get this done efficiently.


Starting a new business is a project that takes planning and research. The stronger the foundation, the better the outcome overall. Hence, the emphasis on planning. By taking enough time to do the research, calculate all costs and expenses, and figure out all the essential elements, technically you are already investing. Meanwhile, investing at the very beginning and ensuring everything is well planned will make a big difference. As a result, your investments have a chance to grow big for a long time.

All of the places we evaluated here are pretty solid as options to start a business in Northern Virginia. Most have very good revenues on an annual level, and a low cost of living in combination with good business incentives. All in all, Northern Virginia seems to be a good direction to point your new business to. Simply remember to stay organized, well informed, and maintain that efficient work ethic throughout the process.