the best parts of Brooklyn for young couples

Best parts of Brooklyn for young couples moving in together

So you’ve found the love of your life, everything is coming together. Naturally, you’re thinking of moving in together. Because, why not? Now comes the tricky part – where to locate your love shack? Ever thought of Brooklyn and its affordable housing options? There are a lot of things and places for young couples to see, visit and live. We thought of making you a present for your moving in together, so we made you a list of the best parts of Brooklyn for young couples moving in together.


Moving requires a lot of planning if you want to do it right and save your nerves and health. And your relationship. So, is there a better reason than that to browse, and get a quote and all the necessary help and information about your relocation? That way you’ll avoid any unwanted stress, and you and your SO can enjoy the hunt for your new place to the fullest.

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”Brooklyn, Brooklyn take me in”

When someone mentions New York, usually the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is Manhattan – the best-known part of the Big Apple. Its distinctive landmarks are not everything that the city has to offer. That’s why we chose Brooklyn. The old soul of the city, where the cool kids are. Boasting with things to see and visit, and with distinctive neighborhoods such as Williamsburg, Park Slope, and Brooklyn Heights, you’ll have fun activities throughout the year.

Best parts of Brooklyn for young couples

Naming the best parts of Brooklyn can be tough. Especially since there are more than 30 beautiful neighborhoods to choose from. But we managed to cut it down to five of them. Here are the best parts of Brooklyn.


This densely populated area has a rich cultural, historical and artistic heritage. Also, people consider it to be the best area in Brooklyn to live in. Especially for a younger population, since there are a lot of bars, restaurants, and shops to pop in and out of. Basically, it’s shop ’til you drop. It is also called the New Soho because of the art scene and artistic and creative energy you can feel. 

The easiest way to come here is to take a train, and the nicest way is to come by the East River ferry. But the popularity of Williamsburg, and the fact that it is considered one of the best parts of Brooklyn for young couples to live in, has its flaws. The rents are very high, so you should have to earn a lot if you are used to a relaxed lifestyle.

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Dyker Heights

Dyker Heights – Christmas Lights. Perhaps you’ve already got it, but in case you didn’t, Dyker Heights is best known for its Christmas decorations and lighting. Located between Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst, this part of Brooklyn is among the safest place around. Many of the houses here are single houses on their own lot, preferably with a yard in front of it. You guessed it – for Christmas decorations. The center is not served by the NYC subway, but the neighborhoods are. So you’ll find your way around even without owning a car. Again, it is a little bit more expensive but worth the price.

Brooklyn Heights

We can’t make this list without Brooklyn Heights. Across the East River from lower Manhattan, this residential neighborhood, though under a different name, exists since 1834. It is known for its low-rise architecture and being one of the few with cobblestone streets. Perhaps the most distinctive landmark is its historic waterfront promenade. It’s a must-visit, at least once in a lifetime. One of the perks is its welcoming people and plenty of eateries and shops. All in all, you’ll surely enjoy it.


Probably the most famous thing about this area is a picture from Once upon a time in America. The towers of Manhattan bridge peeking between warehouses of a cobbled street. Its name is actually an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. It is home to tons of busy restaurants, shops, and bars. So no need to say there’s a lot to do in this area.

There’s also the Brooklyn Roasting Company for coffee, the Brooklyn Flea market, and Front General Store for vintage gems. It’s also a center of technology start-ups, so there are a lot of business opportunities. As in any other part of the Big Apple, you’ll want to put some money aside before moving there.

A view of the Manhattan Bridge from Dumbo, one of the best parts of Brooklyn for young couples.

Park Slope

For more than 30 years, Park Slope has been a home for young professionals. And therefore it gained a reputation as a yuppie community. Again, one of the best parts of Brooklyn for young couples. It is an excellent residential neighborhood close to some of the most creative hotspots in Brooklyn.

A line-up of restaurants, boutiques, wine shops, and coffee shops along the 7th Avenue cut off the sleepy suburb vibe. The homes are not cheap, but you can find apartments for rent. Once again, a bit expensive, but that comes with living in the big city. People here are friendly and helpful, and, if you long for the city center, you’re only 30 minutes from downtown Manhattan.

Need assistance? We’re here for you

So you’ve definitely made up your mind about moving to Brooklyn. Now comes another hard part. Packing and preparing for relocation. If you want to avoid any stress and disputes, you might want to let experts help you. Ensure the safe relocation of you and your belongings. Don’t waste your time on something you don’t have to.

Get ready for the move!

We know that you probably can’t wait to start your life together. So start planning and searching for an apartment in one of the best parts of Brooklyn for young couples. The sooner the better. That way you won’t have to wait for long to start living your NYC dream. You might never want to leave Brooklyn after setting your foot here!