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Does Creating an iOS App Development Increase Your Business’s Revenue?

Over the years, we’ve seen ios app development trends shift from one side to the other. Users’ preferences shift as the digital world evolves. One thing that is certain is the ongoing battle between iOS app developers and other potential platforms (specifically Android).

We get it. There are many factors that influence the choice of development platform to support your business applications.

Why would you create an app if it isn’t for revenue generation?

Your main goal should be to grow your customer base and increase revenue from other sources. This goal must be achieved when you invest in developing a business app.

The global market share of mobile operating systems is shown below.

iOS apps make more money than any other app, regardless of the market share in most locations. This is why many businesses turn to iOS app development services. Not to be overlooked, iPhones are still popular in areas with high incomes like the United States. These statistics clearly show the same.

We don’t want to tell you to base your decisions on a handful of numbers. After all, they change constantly. So, let’s dig deeper.

Why do iOS apps make more money?

This is an important question to answer before you make any business app decisions. Despite not being the most popular, iOS apps are clearly winners in revenue generation. These facts and information will prove that it is a good idea.

User Behavior and Solvency

In the past, many reports have stated that Android users are less likely to pay for apps than Apple users. Apple/IOS users are 10-20% more likely than Android users to pay for apps on their phones. Apple App Store has more paid apps than Google Play Store.

This is despite the fact that Apple users are more financially secure than others and use more power. This general science can be used to help you choose the right OS for your app, based on your app’s intent and target audience.

In-app Purchases

The Google Play Store offers more free apps than the Apple App Store. They also follow the freemium model. These apps earn money from ads between app sessions, and some of these premium features can be purchased.

However, iOS users are more likely than Android users to make in-app purchases. Numerous researches have proven this. This is another reason iOS apps generate more income.

Development costs

Multiple reports show that iOS app development takes 38% less time and requires 30% less work than Android. Consequently, iOS app development is 30% cheaper than Android app development.

Publishing your app in Apple’s App Store will generate more revenue than publishing it in the Google Play Store. It is not a good idea to use development resources to create apps for people with low app spending.

Country-wise Influence

As in Asia, Android smartphones are still the dominant smartphone in China. The Chinese market has restrictions on the Google Play Store. China has overtaken the United States since the Chinese authorities ban the Play Store from their country. It was the biggest market for iOS app revenues.

China’s population has the spending power and income to buy iOS apps. It’s only iOS apps in China without the Google Play Store. iOS app development is necessary if you want to target a particular population from other countries.

Let’s move on to the main topic. You should not only be looking for iOS software development services to your business. Why is this so lucrative?

What makes iOS App Development so beneficial?

These are the top reasons that ios app development can help your business be a winner.

1. Improved User Experience

If you offer a dedicated experience for iPhone/Apple users they will be more inclined to become your loyal customers. iOS platform is a popular OS for developers and users alike. It offers a superior user experience that is more enjoyable. This will pay off your business over the long-term.

2. Greater App Revenue Generation

The reasons iOS apps bring in more revenue are discussed in detail in the section above. iOS are a premium product and have higher incomes. They will continue to seek out better tools and services, even if they are more expensive.

The more monetization there is, the higher the revenue. iOS/iPhone owners are more likely than others to buy apps and make in-app purchases. Because these apps are protected from pirates, they are less likely to be stolen.

3. Improved App Quality

Apple is in complete control of its software and devices. It is a closed platform that has strict guidelines regarding interactions. Apple is responsible for all software and hardware updates. Apple users are more likely than others to update their OS to the most recent version.

This simplifies development. It’s not the case for Android due to device fragmentation. A developer of iOS apps should not worry about different versions being installed on different devices. This improves the quality and usability of apps.

iOS App Development must go through a rigorous (often lengthy) review process. This allows you to release the highest quality apps in the App Store. These apps have a limited number of devices which means that they are usually bug-free.

4. Easier Development

It is easier to create UI/UX on iOS devices. You can use many user-friendly frameworks to provide the best possible user experience for your app users. This is one of the best indicators that a business app is a success.

5. App Store has greater visibility

Apple’s App Store offers a variety of categories for specific apps. These apps are ranked using complex algorithms. Users can make informed decisions about your app by reading the reviews in iTunes App Store. Your app’s visibility in the app store is also improved by these reviews.


These facts should convince you that the decision to hire iOS app developers is a great one for revenue generation. iOS apps are not only reliable for revenue generation, but they also provide many other growth factors that can impact your business.

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