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Aphrodisiacs Food to Add Romance in Your Life

While you check out some romantic ways online to ignite some romance in your life, know that there are certain foods that have an aphrodisiac effect on the mind and body. You know some foods are known to have properties that can improve fertility, romance, and promote healthy reproductive organs. All these factors can have a significant impact on one’s love life. Wish to infuse some more romance into your relationship? Here are some aphrodisiacs foods to add some romance to your life


Strawberries are both aphrodisiac and exotic. The fruit likely has a red colour and a heart shape, which is why the Romans considered the fruit to be a symbol of Venus, the goddess of love. In addition, this aphrodisiacs foods is rich in vitamin C, which gets the blood flowing to all parts of the body.


The avocado has been considered a romantic stimulant since 200 B.C with its sensual shape and lush green flash. Whether it’s their high level of vitamin E that helps keep your skin looking youthful, or even something as simple as their rich flavour, this pear-shaped fruit is a must-have on your romantic Days.


Chocolate comes from cocoa beans and contains more antioxidants than green tea or red wine. Chocolate contains a chemical called phenylethylamine that stimulates euphoria and pleasure. So, be it a bar of dark chocolate, cupcake, jar cake, chocolate cake or any other cake, make sure you savour this sensuous aphrodisiac meal with your partner for the next level of romance. Order cake delivery in Noida or wherever you reside from any reputed bakery. 


It’s surprising that garlic would be considered an aphrodisiacs foods, given its bad breath-causing reputation. But in fact, garlic has been accepted as an aphrodisiac since ancient Egyptian legends.

Chilli Pepper

These peppers can heat you up in more ways than one. Peppers are anti-inflammatory, and capsaicin, the compound that makes them spicy, may also fight pain and promote heart health, among other benefits.


Tulsi is also believed to cure headaches, warm the body, and promote circulation. The ancient Greeks considered it their “royal herb”, and in some parts of Italy, it is considered a symbol of love.


Almonds have long been touted to increase passion, act as a romantic stimulant, and aid infertility. They are healthy and rich in several minerals that are important for your inner health and reproduction, such as zinc, selenium and vitamin E.


Nevertheless, pomegranate juice is considered an aphrodisiac because it increases testosterone levels. It also plays a role in curing erectile dysfunction. Loaded with antioxidants that support blood flow, sparkling gems are definitely one of the most effective aphrodisiacs foods.


Figs were more precious than gold for their romantic consequences for the ancient Greeks. This fruit is enriched with fibre and iron; minerals said to improve your skin and health. So maybe having figs as your dessert on this Valentine’s Day will make your day even better.


Asparagus can be cooked in many dishes. It is a healthy green vegetable that can be baked in a pan or in a dish. The ingredients also make it great for being an aphrodisiac. For example, it contains folic acid, potassium and may increase histamine production in the body.


Perfect for those cosy nights, it can be used in both savoury and sweet dishes and has been valued for its healing properties for centuries. While its aroma promotes relaxation, it also has anti-viral properties and may even be able to regulate blood pressure and improve alertness! It is also full of antioxidants that promote a healthy love life! Steamed in a hot drink or served in a savoury dessert, cinnamon can be a great addition to a romantic evening.

Scientific evidence varies in trustworthiness, but either way, these coveted romantic foods are good for your overall health.

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