Sports insurance for kung fu

Professional training in this type of martial arts requires the availability of sports insurance for kung Fu, because first of all, it is a martial art that involves the defeat of the enemy. According to experts, this is the only type of martial arts that includes not only physical training but also the technique of healing the body, as well as spiritual development.

This art originated in ancient China and became known to the whole world thanks to the largest Shaolin monastery in the country, whose monks mastered this kind of wrestling to perfection.

Insurance coverage for kung fu

Kung Fu insurance covers the financial expenses of the insured person in the event of any sports injury, disability of any group, the development of an occupational disease, or death while playing sports.

An insured event is the damage of medium and severe degree, the treatment of which takes 5 or more days. Period of insurance coverage and confirmed by medical certificates of the established standard. More information about HC insurance coverage can be found in the Insurance Rules.

It is also important to familiarize yourself with the exclusions from insurance claims. So, compensation for sports insurance cannot be obtained if an accident occurred in a state of alcoholic intoxication, as a result of deliberate harm to one’s health, in a number of other cases that contradict the current legislation.

Types of insurance for practicing kung fu

In our insurance service, insurance can be purchased by both professional athletes and amateurs.

Sport. insure has developed several types of insurance for kung fu training, namely:

  • One competition;
  • Insurance covered for 365 days;
  • Children’s insurance with round-the-clock coverage;
  • Sports insurance for competitions abroad.

Each type of insurance has coverage all over the world.

A policy with coverage 24/7 was developed for children. Child insurance (24/7 coverage) covers not only sports injuries, but injuries in everyday life as well.

Athletes for kung Fu practicing only for the duration of the training process or competition can take out a standard sports accident insurance policy, or TCD insurance with active recreation coverage. Policy abroad the validity of the policy is limited to the duration of stay in the country.

Injuries and causes of injury while practicing kung fu

Despite the fact that kung Fu is a martial art, serious injuries are rare in this sport. Coaches believe that this type of martial arts is one of the safest sports because there are no usual sparring sessions that cause injuries in other combat sports. Pupils are allowed to practice techniques in a pair only when they learn enough control over their body so as not to harm their partner.

However, one should not forget that kung fu is a serious physical activity, the need to completely control your body and overcome fatigue. It is with these requirements that injuries in this sport are most often associated, the most common of which are:

  • Soft tissue bruises;
  • Dislocation of the joints;
  • Muscle sprains;
  • Ligament tears.

All of these injuries can be easily avoided if all the teacher’s recommendations are fully followed. But even the most obedient students, coaches recommend buying sports insurance for kung Fu in order to be able to participate in domestic and foreign competitions.

What to do in case of an accident

After undergoing treatment and being discharged from a medical institution, it is very important to obtain an extract from the attending physician indicating the diagnosis and the course of rehabilitation of the athlete, as well as the wet seal of the clinic and the attending physician.

The entire package of documents required to receive the insurance payment must be (if the NS occurred abroad) notarized with a translation into Russian. A package of documents with an application for material compensation should be brought or sent to the insurer’s office no later than a month after the injury.

You can find out the address of the insurer’s office in the contacts section. Here you can ask any question you are interested in by an IC specialist through the feedback form.

Insurance payments for kung fu

Payment of material compensation for insurance for kung fu training is calculated depending on the severity of the injury, the diagnosis of the victim, and the amount of coverage specified when issuing the policy. Insurances indemnity payments are transferred to the current account of the insured within a period of two weeks after the insurer is presented with an application for payment and proof of the occurrence of an insured event.

Electronic insurance for kung fu

Electronic insurances for kung Fu is an insurances policy ( sample here ), issued in accordance with all established rules and regulations of accident insurances. Online e-insurances is absolutely legally binding and is no different from letterhead policies.

The main advantage of online insurances is the preliminary calculation of the cost of the policy. An athlete can independently find out the price of his policy in the online calculator of our service – it is necessary to indicate the athlete’s age, insurances period, and the amount of insurances liability. After selecting all the required parameters, the system will automatically calculate the price of the policy.