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6 reasons to move to San Antonio

Central Texas has recently attracted the attention of a lot of young people. Why? Well, some recent information shows that, in the past few years, a lot of people have moved there. It is shown to be one of the fastest growing cities and offers a lot of amenities that young people and families look for. Unsure if this is the choice for you? Read through our list of 6 reasons to move to San Antonio and decide for yourself before moving out of state

1. Professional opportunities 

There are many reasons why young people choose to move to large cities. One of the main ones, however, are job opportunities. A lot of people choose to relocate after finishing their degree. And what better place to go than a big city with many opportunities? After all, they are most likely to find good jobs in their field there. San Antonio has a strong job market with a lot of opportunities. Those looking for a career in science, engineering, math and tech especially will find San Antonio full of great opportunities. Also, jobs in counseling, teaching and other licensed professions are in high demand. On top of that, San Antonio is a good to turn profit on property investment. All of this together makes San Antonio a popular place for young professionals and entrepreneurs.  

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2. Easy commute 

Being a massive city usually comes with the drawback of a terrible commute. And for anyone looking to have a proper work-life balance, the commute is a big part of the decision to live somewhere. Now, usually, the reason why a commute is bad isn’t the distance, it is horrible traffic. Bigger cities usually come with traffic jams which make commutes take well over an hour. This is one of the big reasons why young people are avoiding large cities these days. San Antonio’s traffic is usually much better than other big cities. It makes for a nice change if you’re moving out of a big city with crazy traffic. While there are times when the traffic gets bad, it is much better than other places. 

3. Move to San Antonio for the low living costs 

First on the list reasons to move to San Antonio: it’s cheaper than most other cities. Living in bigger cities comes with higher prices. San Antonio, however, maintains its low cost of living. 14% below the national average, to be exact. This makes it one of the only big cities with low cost of life. As such, finding a home here isn’t too hard, and settling down is much easier than in other cities. On top of that, you can move to San Antonio without breaking the bank. This contributes quite a lot to the city’s recent popularity, and is a large reason why young families are choosing to live there. 

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4. Local culture 

When looking for a new place to settle, a big draw for a lot of people is the city’s culture. Local coffee shops, restaurants and craft beer breweries which place an emphasis on diversity. San Antonio has plenty to offer of all of these. Everyone who has lived in the city can speak to the quality of the local goods. From Pearl District’s foods, drinks and shops to the spacious coffee houses dotted around the city, San Antonio has managed to find the sweet spot between culture and affordability which has attracted people from all over the USA. 

5. Real estate market 

One of the main reasons to move to San Antonio is its affordable housing market. There are many beautiful newly-built homes. Of course, it is hard to predict how real estate prices are going to move. But, as it stands, San Antonio’s housing market is much cheaper than most major cities. For young people looking to set down their roots, this is a wonderful opportunity and probably the biggest reason for coming to San Antonio. The low prices also make San Antonio a great place for people looking to move on a budget. Of course, if you want to look for a home in San Antonio, it is best to do it through a real estate agent. This can make the search much easier, and the process of actually buying a home much smoother. If you know which qualities to look for in a real estate agent, you will be happy to hire one. 

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6. Wonderful place to raise a family 

Besides the low cost of living and excellent housing market, young families looking to settle down in San Antonio will be happy to know that the city is very kid friendly, and the neighborhoods are quite safe. San Antonio is home to a lot of family-oriented destinations and events. Also, the city’s many amusement parks and theaters are an easy way to find something to do with the kids. On top of that, places like the Witte museum are made to be both playful and educational. 

Bonus: Moving to San Antonio 

Adding another great reason to move to San Antonio, the city is an easy place to move into. The city is home to reliable and experienced moving companies. And, on top of being reliable, the movers are also affordable. Now, while a DIY move is a great way to save money, when moving to a new city you’re better off hiring movers to help you out. After all, experienced movers will make sure that your belongings arrive on time and undamaged. And remember, you should always try to find experts close to youLocal movers are usually the best choice, because they know the area well. 


There are many things which make San Antonio a great place to live. The work opportunities, more relaxed traffic and vibrant local culture make it attractive to most people. But, whether or not it is the right place for you and your family is your choice to make. We hope you found this list of 6 reasons to move to San Antonio helpful – and of course, don’t forget everything you should do after you relocate