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5 Tips to Optimize Your Content for Google News

Are you interested in optimizing your news content? You can use it in Google news and Digital marketing company can do its optimization for increasing the traffic and visibility.

In September 2002, the “beta” version was released. Since then, dramatic changes in Google News have been seen. Along with this, significant changes have been seen in the news content optimization’s best practices. It is interesting to know that for the 18 years, no changes have occurred in a few Google News optimization fundamentals. You need to figure out if any changes have occurred or not because on this basis you can optimize the news content. Now I am going to give you 5 tips to optimize your content for Google News.

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1. Perform keyword research for finding news search terms which the people are interested to use – The people may take interest in certain news search terms. For finding 85 % of these terms, conduct keyword research for optimization of Google News. What are the ways to do it? The Google Trends’ Explore tool can help you in planning a “back to school” article. This tool can also help you in planning a press release on the same topic. The default setting is the “Web Search”. By using the option of the “News Search” you can easily find out that in the U.S. in early August or late July how the spiking of the “back to school” took place. However, if on fly you want to perform the keyword research then using the Google News’ Autocomplete feature will help you in doing this. This feature basically makes a few predictions. You just need to enter “back to school” in it and it will do the work as mentioned above. You can consider the news search terms as the predictions. The searches that people have made serve as the basis for these predictions. The searches made by other people shown in the Autocomplete are as follows:

  • “back to school tips”
  • “back to school backpacks”
  • “back to school snacks”
  • “back to school bash”
  • “back to school allowance”
  • “back to school Apple”
  • “back to school sale 2021”
  • “back to school supplies”
  • “back to school shopping”

2. Use a headline that is concise and clear – For determining the ranking, page title is considered as one of the most important factors on which Google News relies and it has no relation with if Google News is revamped or not. The page title can be the headline of a press release, video story, magazine or your news. A 2 to 22 words headline is good for Google News for properly indexing it. Also, in words, the plays or puns need to be avoided. It is because the news search engine algorithms and humans can get confused with this.

3. Use text formatting and subheads for the purpose of emphasizing – The subheads are also very useful. If your headline doesn’t contain additional keywords then you can include them in your subheads. The readers get supplemental guidance with the subheads. The news content that is longer, attracts the readers with the use of subheads. It helps them in making a decision whether to read it continuously or not. Along with this you can get a lot of help from a text that is bulleted, underlined, italic or bold in a number of ways:

  • For emphasizing your article’s key points.
  • For breaking the content into smaller parts that readers can digest with great ease.
  • For providing the news’ gist quickly to the skimmers by offering them visual cues.

So, using these will be a good idea.

4. Use videos and photos – Videos and photos are as important as the rich textual content. For increasing the chances of the Google News to include images, a number of tips are as follows:

  • Instead of captions or logos, using story related images will be a good idea.
  • png, .jpeg and .jpg are the filename extensions of standard type. You need to use these always.
  • A 60 * 90 pixels image size is good.
  • If the aspect ratios of the pictures are reasonable then it will be good to use these.
  • An inline image format is good.
  • Just below the title of the article, insert the images.
  • Write proper captions for labelling the images.

Video content is also an important part of Google News Digital marketing company. For maintaining consistency and fairness and giving a very good user experience, the use of video content in Google News is always liked.

5. Use meaningful links – For directing the visitors from your release or story to a different but useful content you can use links. It can include:

  • Photo galleries and sidebars for the visitors.
  • Landing pages related to the campaign.

The user experience can improve with this.If you are interested in getting the services of CMS development, UX design and handling world-class projects then it will be good for you to contact a Digital marketing company.