5 Best Voice Chat Softwares for games in 2020

Voice Chat is becoming extremely important for gamers in the present era. With everyday development in technology and advancement, you don’t need to get a place with other gamers to play. Still, you can try these amazing voice softwares with advanced features to help you with gaming and discussing your game with other gamers without any interruptions and with full enjoyment. But how do you know which gaming software is best suitable for you and is it available in your region or not, or which systems they work on, and the pros and cons of the voice chatting softwares for gaming currently present in the market? 

Check here and we also present below some of the best voice chatting softwares for gaming with their amazing features that you can work with to enjoy your gaming experience completely to the full extent.


Discord is a completely free software for use, and anyone can create a Discord server for free and enjoy voice chat, text chat, and even video chat, but video chat is up for ten people only. Discord offers to set its server, and anyone can join it by using its link, and you and your friends can create servers in a few minutes only. It works on Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, and Linux, and Discord servers are available in the U.S. East, U.S. Central, U.S. West, U.S. South, Europe, Russia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, South Africa, and Australia, Japan. So if you belong to any of these locations, you can use Discord for a chat during gaming easily. Discord is widely used for such reasons, but you can have problems connecting with it if you don’t belong to such regions, and we advise you to check other good voice chatting softwares for gamers, which can prove to be a good replacement for Discord. 


Mumble is easy and free to use, and it is very suitable for octane games, but you can only connect to one server of mumble at a time. It is very much suitable for games where teamwork is required, and it is widely used in action packed games, and it works on Windows, Linux, and Mac. It is very popular in gaming works as it is highly reliable for the adventure team works gaming world. So if you play many octane games or games that require teamwork, then Mumble voice chatting software is for you. It provides you amazing chatting features without any interruptions that lead to good communications with your team, resulting in good teamwork and better gaming experiences. 


Teamspeak comes with different powerful features, and as the name suggests, it has amazing, powerful permission systems that allow different users to control different areas with their ability systems. This software offers you the perfect organizing system to play with, and also it provides a highly improved quality of audio. With such powerful features, it is a favorite voice chatting softwares for many gamers, and that is why this is so popular in voice chatting softwares markets. It works with Windows, Android, Mac, and Linux. 


Tox offers you various other features within voice chattings, such as a good privacy system for users and the same. It provides the user with an end-to-end encryption system for better gaming purposes. It also uses a peer-to-peer connection to further improve user safety. Hence, we can observe that its main focus is to protect user privacy and maintain it during chatting while gaming. It works on Windows, Linux, Android, and macOS, and iOS too. And developers are improving this software every day and add new features too, so this app is highly recommended for users who want their privacy to be extremely protected. At the same time, gaming and also want to enjoy new features too. 


It is a great chatting softwares for gamers. It is very popular because it is extremely easy to use and understand, and even a beginner can easily understand its features. It is widely used by popular games such as Pubg, league of legends, etc. It allows you to meet other people you don’t know but has similar interests as you, and it uses one of the best voice services that is Vivox. It is very easy to load and set up into your device, and the only problem comes with this because it cannot create teams in web apps. It is currently one of the most used voice chatting software by gamers because it is highly trusted by big game companies too, and with such popularity, you must try this voice chatting software and won’t regret it later. 


The above-described voice chat software for gaming is currently the best in the market. Every software has its pros and cons. It depends on you, which you want to work with, these software are being developed every day with new features and better giving performances than before. Pick any one of these and enjoy your gaming with voice chatting with friends very easily with no unnecessary disturbances and problems and enjoy the game’s thrill because there is no enjoyment without playing with your friends or others who love to play.